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How to Help Your Dog Through a Move

Dogs are creatures of habit, and thrive in consistent environments. They know every nuance of your home. They know when the mail man comes, they know where the sunlight hits the dining room for their sun bathing, they know exactly where to find you at night, and they even have their favorite potty spots. They […]

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Are Invisible Fences Harmful to Dogs?

Should You Use an Invisible Fence? I have been getting a lot of questions recently regarding the use of electric fences. I understand why dog owners want to use them. Sometimes they can lack an aesthetic appeal in certain neighborhoods, can be very costly, and very labor intensive. So the common solution for a physical […]

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Is it Okay to Walk Your Dog Off-leash?

By Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP Whether you are in the city, or in a rural community, you see it all the time. People walking their dogs off leash. Maybe most of those dogs are perfectly fine off the leash. Maybe they stick to their owner like a fly sticks to honey. I see this far too […]

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The Power of Choice

When my Australian Shepherd was about a year old, he went through a series of unfortunate events that resulted in several emergency vet visits. For anyone who has followed Havoc’s story, you know that we haven’t had the best luck in a lot of ways. He quickly went from being an incredibly confident and happy […]

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Put an End Leash Pulling (part 1)

by Katie Genier KPA-CTP Dogs spend a lot of their time waiting around for something exciting to happen while we are at work, making dinner, watching tv, and many other human activities that don’t make a ton of sense to the dog mind. After hours of waiting around, it’s easy to understand why they may […]

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How Your Dog Knows They Did It Wrong

by Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP I am a video gamer, and I have recently been playing a very realistic race simulator while socially distancing at home. It’s probably the closest thing to driving a real race car that have, or ever will, experience. There are so many little things that go into race car driving, that […]

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It’s Not So Glamorous

By Katie Genier KPA-CTP When I meet new people and tell them I am a dog trainer the most common response is, “That’s so cool! You get to play with cute puppies all day!” Yes, I do see a lot of puppies come through and that is definitely a perk. But the truth behind being […]

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Do Dogs Grieve?

By Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP As a facility that offers almost any service you may need for your dog, we get to know a lot of people with a lot of dogs. As with any industry in which you are taking care of other living things, we get to know these dogs, and their people. Unfortunately, […]

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What’s the Difference Between Punishment and Reinforcement?

By Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP There are a lot of terms out there that separate different training styles and philosophies. One of the first things that separate the training world are punishment and reinforcement. And at face value, we think we know exactly what these things mean. We often associate reinforcement with rewarding good things, and […]

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