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dog training

Put an End Leash Pulling (part 1)

by Katie Genier KPA-CTP Dogs spend a lot of their time waiting around for something exciting to happen while we are at work, making dinner, watching tv, and many other human activities that don’t make a ton of sense to the dog mind. After hours of waiting around, it’s easy to understand why they may […]

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Raising Teenagers (part 2)

by Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP When I was a kid I really loved school, well, until about the 5th Grade, when I learned that the letter D was used for more than just spelling words. I learned that sometimes adults used that letter to show you that you were a short jump from being a huge […]

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Raising Teenagers

By Jimmy Maxwell KPA-CTP When humans are five years old, we begin to learn the basics of dealing with other humans, reacting to social situations, and surviving in the world. Most of us continue honing these skills at varying speeds and success rates for the next 12 years. Some of us opt to be gluttons […]

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