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Dog Training FAQ

Not sure which program is best for you? Our KPA-CTP certified trainers answer some of your dog training FAQ below.

Q: I’d like to take Puppy Start Right, but my dog will be older than 6mo when class starts. Can I enroll?
A: That’s a great question, and the answer depends on exactly how much older your pup will be at the start date. This course is for puppies 6 months/under because this age is a critical socialization window. If your dog is 7+ months, the window is closed, and this course may not be as effective. Thus, we’d recommend Foundations class. However, breed and size can matter, so if you’re unsure, call us and we’ll help you make the right call.

Q: I want to take Puppy Start Right, but I’m nervous about taking my puppy in public before he receives his final vaccine booster. Should I wait?
A: We understand and appreciate this concern, and we want to keep pups healthy and happy. We’re not medical professionals, so we always recommend consulting your vet (not Google) regarding this topic.

Q: My dog has a lot of issues, and I can’t decide on a class, day school, or private sessions.
A: We want to set every dog up for success. The best thing to do is contact our trainers directly. If needed, we can schedule a free in-home consultation, and help determine your needs, goals, and the best approach for you.

Q: If I enroll in Day School and miss a day, do I eat the loss?
A: We know all dogs, schedules, and learning styles are different. If you miss a day due to emergency, illness, or vacation, we can always schedule a make-up day. We sometimes even recommend a day off if we feel it will benefit the dog.

Q: I got off work early. Can I pick my Day School dog up early?
A: Due to the pandemic, we are currently open for drop-off from 7am-10am and pickup 4pm-7pm. If you need to drop off of pickup a Day School dog outside of these hours you must make the proper arrangements with the training manager by calling 317-749-0728 or emailing us at training@uptownpupindy.com. However, depending on the number of dogs that need trained, day school dogs who are dropped off late or picked up early may not receive the allotted amount of training time for the day without any guarantee of refund for the day. If you have concerns or questions please contact us to make arrangements as far in advance as possible.