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Group Dog Training Classes

Uptown Pup group classes are developed by our Karen Pryor certified trainers, and meet every week (unless otherwise noted) from 7-8pm in our facility. Course fee is $175 unless otherwise noted. Group classes may not be appropriate for dogs with behavioral issues, such as reactivity, aggression, or separation anxiety. If you aren’t sure if group class is right for you, feel free to contact our trainers at training@uptownpupindy.com or 317-749-0728.

To enroll, or to sign up for waitlists for full classes, call our Front Desk during business hours at 317-757-8509 and select Option 3.

Puppy Start Right

This course begins your journey to a great canine companion through puppy socialization & the foundations of positive training. You’ll learn base behaviors like eye-contact and focus, re-call, sit, down, and more. In addition, we teach puppy communication and uncover the ways your dog communicates with you. For dogs 6 months and under.

Vaccination Requirements: Uptown Pup requests that puppies adhere to the vaccination schedule as recommended and outlined by your veterinarian. As long as your puppy is up to date on the vaccination schedule outlined by your vet, you are eligible for puppy start right.

Wednesdays May 4th – 25thFULL

Wednesdays June 8th – 29th – FULL

Wednesdays July 6th – 27thFULL

Foundation Behaviors

Set up your dog for success with this sought-after course, which teaches eye-contact, focus, attention, re-call, loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, and mat relaxation. A great way to bond with your dog, boost confidence, and create a common language between dog and owner. For dogs of all ages.

Mondays May 2nd – 23rdFULL

Mondays April 4th – 25thFULL


Help your dog listen to you in every environment with this course, which adds the 3 D’s — Distance, Duration, and Distraction — and strengthens a dog’s skills in leash walking, focus, re-call, relaxation work, and more. For graduates of Foundation Behaviors or dogs already fluent in basic cues.

Thursdays Feb 3rd – 24th – FULL

Mondays June 6th – 27th


For dogs who’ve completed Intermediate and want to apply everything you’ve learned to real-world situations. This class includes 3 field trips to dog-friendly locations in Broad Ripple, which help dogs learn and hone skills in distracting environments.

Thursdays March 3rd – 24th – FULL