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Puppy Socialization

By Katie Spruill From seven weeks to four months of age puppies go through what is called a critical or socialization period. Like children, puppies are sponges, taking in everything that they can, so they can determine what is safe and what isn’t. If you’re a puppy parent, the most important thing you can do […]

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Lessons Learned…

Just recently I was at a local little league baseball park, doing scent work with my dog in a nearby wood line and I had noticed that there was a dad and his son setting up some cones in an outfield. They had brought out a large measuring tape and measured a particular distance and […]


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The First Training Blog

Hello readers! Welcome to the first edition of the UP Dog Blog, where you’ll find advice about dog training, health, wellness, and other canine-centered topics. Whether you’re an Uptown client, love learning about dogs, or stumbled here by accident, we hope enjoy this page and use it as a way to enrich the life of […]

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