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Raising Teenagers

When we are five years old we start learning the basics about how we deal with other people, react to social situations, and how to survive in the world. Most of us continue this education at varying speeds and success rates for the next twelve years. Then fewer of us decide that we are gluttons […]

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Lessons Learned…

Just recently I was at a local little league baseball park, doing scent work with my dog in a nearby wood line and I had noticed that there was a dad and his son setting up some cones in an outfield. They had brought out a large measuring tape and measured a particular distance and […]


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The First Training Blog

Hello readers! Welcome to the first edition of the UP Dog Blog, where you’ll find advice about dog training, health, wellness, and other canine-centered topics. Whether you’re an Uptown client, love learning about dogs, or stumbled here by accident, we hope enjoy this page and use it as a way to enrich the life of […]

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