Happy Pups. Happy People. Happy Planet.

Dog Daycare


Designed to encourage health, happiness, and sociability in dogs, Uptown Pup’s dog daycare encourages frolicking and fun! Guided by staff members, your pup will …

  • Play with other canines. Form friendships. Learn from other pups.
  • Engage and bond with humans through games and activities.
  • Test their skills on agility equipment and in our K9 Grass play yard.
  • Frolic during bubble time, relax at nap time, splash in the pool, and much more.
  • Expend mental and physical energy in a healthy way.

We offer small play groups for individual attention and safety. Therefore, our daycare space is often limited and advance reservations are required.

**Due to high demand, we are not currently able to accept new clients for our “bigs” (~30lbs+) daycare groups.***

Also, we want dogs to be happy and thriving when with us. For this reason, we conduct evaluations on each dog’s first daycare day. If your pup doesn’t enjoy the environment, we’ll let you know and suggest other activities to suit his personality.

Dog Daycare Amenities

  • Exciting activities, including play time, agility equipment and exercises, bubble time, ball pit time, pool time, and other engaging games.
  • Groups based according to size, temperament, and comfort.
  • Free-roaming indoor-outdoor access in our K9 Grass yard. Weather-permitting.
  • Trained staff for guidance, interaction, and attention.
  • Private rest breaks in a Resort suite for safety and to prevent burnout. Dogs may bring lunches or snacks to eat during breaks at no cost.


  • Full Day (6 hours or more): $30
  • Half Day (Less than 6 hours): $22
  • Half-Day package prices: 5 for $95, 10 for $170, 30 for $450 (save up to $210)
  • Full-Day package prices: 5 for $135, 10 for $250, 30 for $690 (save up to $210)

Daycare Dog Requirements

  • Drop-off by 11 a.m. Monday – Saturday.
  • Current rabies, distemper/parvo combo, bordetella, and canine influenza vaccines.
  • Puppies can join daycare at 10+ weeks, after their 2nd round of booster shots.
  • Spayed/neutered upon signs of sexual maturity (typically around 6 months). Puppies who are left intact after 6 months will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • To start: Complete this document and call to schedule your first visit: Dog Daycare Application
  • Must adhere to our cancellation policies