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For the littlest pups to the most seasoned adults, our Training Program offers a positive, proven way to teach dogs and their owners the benefits of positive-reinforcement conditioning.

Dedicated to the science behind how dogs learn best, our trainers are skilled, passionate, and committed to helping you achieve your behavioral goals. Each training course we offer is designed to:

  • Help you understand your dog’s cognitive processes and capabilities.
  • Guide you in teaching new behaviors and modifying existing ones.
  • Build a common language between you and your dog.
  • Strengthen the ever-important human-animal bond.
  • Boost your dog’s overall confidence.

We offer group courses covering key subject matter for dogs of all ages, private lessons for you to focus on your specific needs and goals, and occasional pop-up seminars to share fun, helpful knowledge on important training topics. Prior to beginning a group course, owners must attend a short orientation for information and background on training theory and course requirements. Contact us or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our orientation schedule.

Group Classes

  • Puppy Socialization, once/week sessions for 3 weeks, $90
    • Focused on the key Socialization Phase in dogs (16 wks/under), this course is full of puppy playtime and covers developing good behaviors, social skills, confidence, and more. Owners may attend prior to bringing puppy home, then return with puppy for next course, free of charge.
  • Puppy 101, once/week sessions for 6 weeks, $150
    • For older puppies (about 8 months/under) this course overlaps and continues the lessons in Puppy Soc, with an emphasis on mat work, eye contact, basic skills, leash walking, proper puppy play, and much more.
  • Basic Adult, once/week sessions for 8 weeks, $200
    • An exceptional course for dogs of all ages, this class is perfect for dogs who haven’t had formal training, or need a refresher from a past class. Get ready to sharpen your dog’s eye contact, mat work, leash walking, and a bevy of key behaviors that will make you and your dog proud.
  • Intermediate Adult, once/week sessions for 8 weeks, $200
    • This is a fun, lively course for dogs who’ve completed our Basic Adult (or comparable class), and are ready to learn advanced skills, impulse control, and more. Get ready for an exciting, rewarding experience!

Private Lessons

  • Initial consultations are free and help you and the trainer outline your needs and goals.
  • Based on the initial consult, you and your trainer agree on a course of action and number of sessions that work for you. Sessions are hour-long at $100/hour.
  • The focused, engaging sessions are designed to teach you skills that help you and your pup achieve your behavioral goals.
  • Trainers provide helpful homework to do between each session, as repetition and consistency are key to your dog’s learning process.

Training Documents

Dog Requirements

  • Training clients must adhere to our Cancellation Policy.
  • Dogs in Group Courses must be current on their rabies, distemper/parvo combo, and annual bordetella vaccines. Puppies must have at least their first round of booster shots.
  • Fees for private lessons and group classes are transferable but nonrefundable.