Happy Pups. Happy People. Happy Planet.

The Uptown Pup Resort

We offer the best in luxury dog boarding, with an emphasis on a highly­ trained staff, scientifically proven systems that keep dogs calm and relaxed, and eco­-friendly cleaning products and practices. Each and every stay includes the following amenities:

Resort amenities

  • Private, relaxing suites, including our Teacup Suite (for dogs 12 lbs/under), the Loft (25 sq. ft.), and the Penthouse (40-50 sq. ft. with webcam access)
  • Elevated orthopedic beds that accommodate each dog’s favorite blankets & toys from home
  • Four outdoor potty breaks in our fenced in potty yard
  • Individualized love, attention and care from trained staff
  • Choice of Daycare Club for the socialite pup, or Tummy Rub Club (play sessions with human staff) for the people-oriented pup (both for an additional fee)
  • Proven sound therapy, aromatherapy, and pheromone therapy to ease stress in homesick dogs
  • Eco-friendly and dog-friendly cleaning products. We never use bleach or other chemicals that are harmful to dogs and humans!
  • Private meal service according to your pup’s regular schedule. We recommend bringing their food from home (for tummy consistency) or hotel guests can eat our locally made, holistic food (Earthborne Holistic brand.)

Resort Pricing

  • Teacup Suite – $25/night
  • Loft – $32/night
  • Penthouse – $40/night
  • Additional family member(s) in same room: 25% off each additional dog
  • Daycare Club: $13/day
  • Tummy Rub Club: $13/day
  • Gourmet Treats: $2-$3
  • Puzzle Time (interactive treat puzzle for mental stimulation): $5/puzzle
  • Medication (if applicable): $4/day

All boarding dogs must be:

  • Current on their yearly rabies, distemper/parvo combo, and bordetella vaccines
  • Puppies 10 weeks and up only. All puppies must have received their second round of booster shots
  • Medications: If your pup requires meds during their stay, please bring the necessary amount only, and complete our Medication Form in advance
  • Boarding stays are by reservation only and must adhere to our 48-hr cancellation policy (5-day cancellation policy for holiday stays)
  • Must adhere to our Cancellation Policies
  • First night’s deposit collected at time of reservation and applied toward final bill

What items can my pup bring for an overnight stay?

Feel free to bring your dog’s two favorite items of bedding, two favorite toys, food and treats in a sealed container/Tupperware or Ziploc bags, and any medication in a Ziploc. We have bowls and Kong’s on site, so there’s no need to bring those, but if your pup requires a special feeder, feel free to bring it.